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ZenCart PHP MySQL Bridge Connection Settings

Bridge connection is one of connection types, Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to configure in order to access Zen Cart database. Each of methods to connect to online store has its peculiarities.

When speaking about bridge type, it should be indicated that Zen Cart data is being temporarily stored locally when you carry out Get Data From Web Operation. In such a way, created local copy of store database can be processed without Internet connection. Although to apply changes you have made, Post Changes to Web action is to be carried out and Internet connection is required. Contrariwise, if Store Manager is connected to database through direct connection, any change is applied on the instant.

In order to set up bridge connection to Zen Cart database you are supposed to specify certain settings, what can be done either manually or with the help of special connection wizard.

Set Up Bridge Connection Manually

  1. At start get ready with bridge.php file. Download PHP MySQL Bridge or find this file in C:\Program Files\eMagicOne\Store Manager for Zen Cart\Service.
  2. Modify file details, namely default username and password. By default ‘1’ is indicated for these fields. To ensure security of your web shop, replace these values.
  3. Afterwards upload bridge file to the shop root folder using any FTP client. Bridge will be accessible by address http://www.zencartonlinestore.com/bridge.php, where http://www.zencartonlinestore.com is your store link.
  4. Open Preferences window via main menu or click F12, switch to Database Connection tab and create new or edit existing Zen Cart store configuration.
  5. Select type of database connection and input necessary settings, namely bridge URL, login details (you have input when editing bridge file) and local Zen Cart database name. Press Test Connection button to verify the settings provided.

  6. Zen Cart bridge connection
    Zen Cart bridge connection

      Resort to Connection Wizard

      Connection wizard somewhat automates database connection setup process. There are two modes accessible, simple and advanced. Simple mode does not ask to specify what exactly type of connection should be configured, thus any of possible connection kinds will be designated.

      Advanced mode allows you to choose between Zen Cart database connection types. After you commence on this process, you must figure out, you are creating new or altering previously added store configuration.

      Zen Cart bridge connection
      Zen Cart bridge connection

      Provide FTP parameters in the following window of connection wizard, namely server address, login details and define Zen Cart store root directory.

      Zen Cart bridge connection
      Zen Cart bridge connection

      The succeeding window stands for web store address. The link has not been revealed automatically, specify URL in this window of Connection Wizard.

      Zen Cart bridge connection
      Zen Cart bridge connection

      Types of connection possible, are enumerated on the following step. Opt for bridge selection and automatically transfer to subsequent window, dedicated to bridge login and password. When you move to the next window, you will get connection details detected automatically.

      Zen Cart bridge connection
      Zen Cart bridge connection

      All the settings being configured and connection established, the wizard will ask you to specify configuration name.

      Zen Cart bridge connection
      Zen Cart bridge connection

      Quick Connection Switch

      If there are several store configurations added, you can quickly change over to necessary one using Quick Connection Switch functionality provided in Settings -> Quick Connection Switch. Expand drop-down menu and select suitable configuration from the list. Approve reconnecting in the special dialog window and Store Manager will change connection to the one you have selected.

      Zen Cart bridge connection
      Zen Cart bridge connection

      Detailed guidance is provided in Store Manager for Zen Cart documentation - store-manager-for-zen-cart-documentation.emagicone.com/quick-start-guide/php-mysql-bridge-connection-settings

      If you prefer to work with store database via direct type of connection, follow the instruction to set direct - zencart-manager.com/useful-articles/quick-start-guide/direct-database-connection-settings/

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