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Special Products

zen cart specials
zen cart specials

Setting prices can be a very challenging part of running a successful business. The ideal price for any product or service is one that is acceptable to both buyer and seller.

From the buyer's standpoint, the right price is the one that allows gain profit and at the same time lets your products stay competitive. From customer’s viewpoint the best price is the one that allows to save.

Shoppers love discounts and deals. Putting a product on sale or showing that this very price is less than a customer will find elsewhere is a great way to get more orders. That is why, in Zen Cart there is included the ability to make ‘Specials’.

What is Zen Cart Special?

Special in Zen Cart is a status that is assigned to product when it is going to be offered for reduced price limited period of time (usually). It can either be a fixed amount or in the form of a percentage discount.

What is the Difference between Sales and Specials?

Sales and Specials are two completely different things in Zen Cart. Specials are reductions applied to each individual item and their value vary for different goods. You may use specials to reduce the prices of end-of-line products, while not touching the prices of new stock that you're bringing in to replace them.

Sales, on contrary, are price mark-downs given on entire catalog or items belonging to certain categories.

Why these notions are often mixed up or treated as the same? Most likely because from a customer's perspective, sales and specials look identical when checking them at product page. Basically, you will see them both usually in red, next to original price (higher) with strike-through for which it was previously sold. Moreover, specials as well as sales it is possible to make valid for certain calendar periods.

How to Add Special Price to Zen Cart Product?

From time to time, you may want to offer different items on reduced special price. Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to see what products are added to specials and update them if necessary as well as add special price to other goods of your catalog.

Let's see how that's done.

In Store Manager for Zen Cart you can add special price in edit product form, in the corresponding tab of lower grid and in Special Products section of ribbon menu.

zen cart specials
zen cart specials

For your convenience and for easier items view you can see all the goods with special status. This way, there is no need to browse through the whole catalog, checking to which goods you have previously added special price.

zen cart specials
zen cart specials

First of all, you need to select the product you wish to put on special. For that press “Add special” button from the menu. In search window opended you will be able to find the necessary product from the catalog.

zen cart specials
zen cart specials

Once it is added to the list, double-click to open edit form and in tab ‘Special’ check the box to assign this status to product. Enter a discounted price (value or percentage) and complete the date range fields to establish when the promotion goes into and out of effect.

Let's look at the results on the site.

zen cart specials
zen cart specials

With buttons available in main menu you can add perform changes to products specials, like edit item, check or uncheck selection, set expiration date etc.

zen cart specials
zen cart specials

Any promotional incentives may motivate your shoppers and attract deal-seekers. So do not waste your time and download Store Manager for Zen Cart to see what products still do not have special price assigned -


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