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Zen Cart Product Editing

Zen Cart store running forces online entrepreneurs to constantly perform numerous operation over goods they are selling at their web stores. It’s foremost for creating up-to-date content and developing customer-oriented store.

In some cases store owners stand in need to add new products to store database, in the other - to change product related information and perform Zen Cart edit product procedure. Store Manager for Zen Cart application offers online merchants wide scope of operation to fulfil to “set goods to rights”.

Here you can find tips of how successfully to manage Zen Cart products in the most efficient ways possible:

How to perform basic operations over Zen Cart products?

All the options possible for Zen Cart products can be found either on products toolbar or in products context menu.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

You can refresh your product list in case you have changed the connection and need the latest data to be displayed. “Add Product” option allows you to replenish the store with new products anytime. In “Edit product properties” form you have to specify all product related information - from A to Z - from products name to images. Zen Cart copy product and “Paste products” buttons are responsible for creating new products on the base of already existing at store product(s).

You can create new product(s) proceeding with Zen Cart clone product. You can find button corresponding for it as well. Zen Cart edit product is up-to-minute procedure with “Edit product properties” form, where all the data are arranged accurately in the tabs. Store Manager possibilities are not finished at that - you can edit data in the grid below as well.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

As you can notice, there are options allowing to remove Zen Cart products from current category or delete them at all. On condition that you need to shift products to different categories - rely upon “Assign Categories” option.

How to copy, paste and clone Zen Cart products

As it was mentioned above, you can add new products to Zen Cart store database by means of Zen Cart copy product and paste or Zen Cart clone product operations. Select product(s) you want to copy, press the corresponding button and go to the category you need. Then go to “Paste product” option and choose the copy product method. You will get a product with new ID in the category chosen.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

Zen Cart clone product is quite similar to copy/paste procedure, and is, in fact, the combination of copy/paste options. Once you choose the product and press the corresponding button on the toolbar or products context menu, you will get “Edit product properties” window, where you can change product related information for that you need. As a result, you will get required product in faster way.

It’s worth to mention about traditional drag-and-drop technique, using which you can create new products or shift Zen Cart goods to different categories. Choose product(s) and move them to any of the category listed. You will get exactly the same copy products method:

  • Assign existing product(s) to current category - when moving product(s) to a category, you are implementing some changes, but not creating a new one
  • Create a copy of product(s) in current category - you are creating the same product but in different category
  • Move product(s) to current category - you are removing products from the category (from which you copy) and assigning to new one

How to edit Zen Cart products?

To start Zen Cart edit product procedure, call “Edit product properties” form.

Generally Store Manager for Zen Cart has the following tabs:

General (English)

This page contains general information on Zen Cart products - category to which it belongs, name, model, quantity, price, information about manufacturer, image tax class etc. In case you are creating new product, pay attention to the fields marked with * sign. These fields are required and should be filled.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

Take into consideration the fact, that you can perform certain operations over images, namely:

  • browse contents of local folders and select an image. Once you press “OK” button, image will be uploaded to images directory on FTP.
  • you can upload remote images to Zen Cart store as well
  • you can change images size in Image Resize Rules window

In URL (without http://) field you can specify link to product manufacturer’s site.

You can edit product description in HTML editor window, which appears after Edit HTML button pressing. It has two tabs - HTML and Code.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

Design view in HTML editor enables you to:

  • View and edit a page in a WYSIWYG-like environment.
  • Use menu and toolbar commands to apply certain types of formatting, such as paragraph alignment, that are not available in Source view.
  • Use menu and toolbar commands to add and edit certain elements, such as tables and lists, which you must edit as HTML text in Source view.
  • Drag items from the Toolbox and from the Project Explorer to create elements on your page.
  • Use drag to reposition absolutely positioned elements.

In Source view, the Properties window does not display style properties. You can edit style properties directly in an HTML tag or by using the Properties window in Design view.

Source view in the HTML editor enables you to:

  • View and edit text and HTML tags.
  • View and edit scripts on the page.

Press OK to save changes made in HTML editor.

Other Product Options

On this page additional Zen Cart product fields and parameters are displayed - product type, sort order, whether products are priced by attributes, shipping details, etc.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

Price Manager

In this section of Zen Cart edit product form you can set price and discounts. Add new or delete discount levels by means of buttons below.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

Attributes Page

Products attributes can be managed in "Attribute" window of product edit form.

Featured Products Page

This section of Zen Cart edit product allows you to manage featured Zen Cart products. In case you need to add product(s) to the list of featured goods - tick “Add this item to the list of FEATURED items” box and specify the following field - date available, date added, last modified, date status change, date expired.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

This option allows you to display most important Zen Cart products at the store.

Special Products Page

This section allows you to add current product to the list of special products.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

The algorithm of special products managing is similar to that of featured products.


On this page you can find products ID, products viewed and ordered number.

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing

Meta Tags

Meta Tags tab allows you to specify meta title, meta description and meta keywords of Zen Cart product

Zen Cart Product Editing
Zen Cart Product Editing


This page of Zen Cart edit product form allows you to upload images to Zen Cart products. Don’t forget that you have to configure FTP connection to add images to your store.

Reducing Zen Cart products management time and efforts is an essential and part of web business. Edit Zen Cart products at an easy rate with Store Manager for Zen Cart application. Find details on Store Manager here - http://zencart-manager.com

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