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Zen Cart Export Products Wizard

The basic and one of the most important things leading e-commerce is constant and regular update of your store content. The process should be fast enough to keep up with the demands of customers on the one hand and call for minimum time and efforts of store owner on the other hand. Respectively there raised the need for bulk operations. In this way the processes of Import/Export were brought to life and quickly became vital notions for fast and high-powered store update.

Sometimes Zen Cart product export is supposed to be of minor importance than import or other bulk processes. It is completely unjustified, since in case you need to do changes with your data or take information from one store and use it for another, you won’t do without export process. We took that fact into account and equipped Store Manager for Zen Cart with an enormously worthwhile and operative Export Wizard.

It is specially designed for bulk products export to the file of .csv format in order for you to work with it in the way you need - add new data, change the existing info, leave it as is and use for import to your other Zen Cart store.

To begin with Zen Cart product export itself, you need call up Import/Export Wizard by clicking the corresponding ZenCart Export  button on the toolbar or main menu. Also there is button using which you can export your Zen Cart products to Excel.

After Zen Cart Export products Wizard is on and ready to roll, you need confide yourself into the disposition of this smart tool and precisely follow its directions. All required from you is only to set required settings.

If you examine the wizard thoroughly, you will notice, that it can be used either for export or for import. It is explained by that fact that those processes are very much related. If you need to conduct Zen Cart .csv export, then you need to select the first option.

Zen Cart Products Export Wizard
Zen Cart Products Export Wizard

Later on, you need to indicate filename or if you already have the file, you can use browse button to select it from your computer.

Zen Cart Products Export Wizard
Zen Cart Products Export Wizard

Further, there are some settings that might be very useful. If you before launching Export Wizard filtered products or selected ones, you can choose option and import only chosen products, in case you do not need to perform bulk products export of all entities you have at your store.

If you have more than one language at your store and you leave the checkbox “Export only current language”, then in this case, the data in all the languages you have at your store will be exported.

Zen Cart Products Export Wizard
Zen Cart Products Export Wizard

The option to Group fields by language allows to sort out fields in your .csv file by language: all fields in current language will go first. In case this option is not checked, the fields in Zen Cart .csv export file will look like in the example below:

ZenCart Export Products 3

At the next step you need to set very important settings.

First option is delimiter character. It is used to separate fields data and is required for file to be parsed properly.

Quote string values option is used to part strings in CSV file for bulk products export.

Category delimiter is used only during Zen Cart .csv export via Store Manager. Usually the categories section contains a range of categories with a couple of subcategories and subcategory in its turn can be also divided into other subcategories. Category delimiter character is used to separate categories from subcategories in full category path.

Zen Cart Products Export Wizard
Zen Cart Products Export Wizard

Next you need to point which exactly products information you need to be exported to .csv file by picking database fields available (they are placed in the left pane). The selection of necessary fields are possible by means of appropriate buttons. The fields that you have already selected will be placed in the right pane.

Zen Cart Products Export Wizard
Zen Cart Products Export Wizard

Preview export window will show you how your file will look like. Also at this page you can choose what should be done after export. There are options which allow directly to open the result file right after the process is to end.

Zen Cart Products Export Wizard
Zen Cart Products Export Wizard

You can save the settings you have set during this export session for further Zen Cart Product Export.

Now you see yourself that with Store Manager for Zen Cart Export Products Wizard, the process of Zen Cart product export does not require special technical skills or knowledge. Perform it yourself without additional heavy expenses on developers or other solutions.

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