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Zen Cart Mass Product Changer Addon Usage

Mass Product Changer is the tool that allows to modify or add product details in a few clicks. It is very useful for those merchants who need instant changes without referring to Import/export of goods for alterations implementation.

What data can be modified using Mass Product Changer?

With this helpful tool you will be able to add, delete or modify Zen Cart product quantity, maintain Zen Cart inventory control, perform Zen Cart update price, stock and other product related information (on the basis of certain conditions applying special rules by means of expressions formulas).

How to call up Mass Product Changer

To open Mass Product Changer, select the entities you are going to update (you can filter out them previously using highly beneficial built-in and custom filters then right-click at any of selected entities and choose from the menu “Mass Product Changer”.

images for mass changer
images for mass changer

What exactly info can be changed in different tabs of the tool?

Mass Product Changer consists of 4 tabs, each of which is responsible for modifying corresponding information.

Modifier Tab

This tab allows you to perform Zen Cart inventory control by carrying out the processes of Zen Cart update price, special price, renovate Zen Cart product quantity and stock of the entities. Especially beneficial that you can increase or decrease the existing values by some percent, value for fixed value, overwriting current value with the new one.

To indicate which exactly option is needed to be altered, select the checkbox next to each option. As for prices it is possible to use smart and GROSS prices, add, recalculate, remove or set expiry date for special price.

images for mass changer
images for mass changer

Example of most common are the modifications aimed at Zen Cart update price process: You have some product with a price of $5.00. Check "Modify Price by" and specify 10 in the box on the left.

When % percent option is selected, new product price will be $5.00 + 10% = $5.50.

The checkbox is set next to value option, you will get the price $5.00 + 10 = $15.00

When "Set fixed value" option is checked, you will set new product price to $10 (no matter which previous product price was).

You can decrease product price specifying negative value with minus symbol at the beginning (-10).

Zen Cart product quantity modifier basically works the same way as price modifier, unless it changes number of products available.

Pay special attention to stock status modifier. There you can make your products in bulk disabled or enabled from the front-end.

Any option you set you can check pressing “Preview Changes” button.

Options tab

2 upper options of this tab serve for implementing changes, another one is for verification of calculations.

images for mass changer
images for mass changer

First 2 options allow you to set or change smart price and special price. This way, you will have refined from marketing perspective prices, like $9.99 instead of $10. Also there is possibility to round prices. Lets say, if you do not want to have prices $17 or $19, but only rounded ones like $15, $20, $25, indicate “5” value to the field “Set price multiple of”.

The best practice if to combine the above mentioned options to get better outcomes while Zen Cart update price task.

All Fields Tab

Here you can renovate other product details. However, in most cases for that you need to use special expression rule. Also do not forget to press checkboxes in front of the fields you would like to alter or the alterations would not be applied.

images for mass changer
images for mass changer

Results Tab

At this page you can once more check the changes before to apply them to your products.

images for mass changer
images for mass changer

How to actually apply changes made in Mass Product Changer?

By this time all changes you made have not been applied yet. Only when you click OK button, all modifications will be published to your database and applied to real items.

Mass Product Changer saves you from the challenge of manual changes implementing for proper Zen Cart inventory control, enabling you to spend a few seconds on the process instead of long hours of work.

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