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8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)
8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)

Zen Cart Customers Management

This section of Store Manager allows you to manage Zen Cart customers: view customer information, add new customers or remove unwanted ones.

Customers Management with Store Manager for Zen Cart is very simple.

Zen Cart customers

Zen Cart Customers Section (1) displays all your customers information. You can set filters and preview particular customers with the help of the filter by "Period" or filter by "Products" Sections (2), but don't forget to Apply filters to see the result.

Also you have "Customer info" (3) and "Customer's orders" (4) sections that gives you all necessary information about your customers and their purchases.

Zen Cart Customers section of the Store Manager for Zen Cart deals with all customers and shows short information about their orders.

We recommend you to read our full updated documentation for Store Manager for Zen Cart here