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Zen Cart – Import Categories

Smartly organized Zen Cart categories and sub-categories build up the basis of convenient category tree. The purpose of its creation is customers’ comfort. Choosing correct category the client sees the range of products grouped according to some criteria and chooses the one he likes. In this way there raise the changes that your potential buyer find and decide to buy the favourable product faster than will be exhausted from browsing page after page long hours, looking for the suitable product.

So 2 aspects are very important here:

  • if you still do not have necessary Zen Cart categories and sub-categories, create them.
  • if you already have category tree created, assign correct products to appropriate categories.

The most convenient way to do mentioned operations is via Zen Cart import categories using Store Manager for Zen Cart.

Generally, Zen Cart categories can be imported separately as well as during products import. If you import your products with indicated categories without having category tree, the correct categories will be created on a fly. For that you need to indicate category path, like “Computers|Laptops”, where Computers is main category, Laptops is subcategory and pipe symbol is separator.

You need to have all Zen Cart categories names and category-related information in the file. If your supplier provides you file in Excel, Zen Cart Excel import is not supported “as is”.
To be able to perform Zen Cart import from Excel, you have to convert the file to .csv format.

After all the preparations are done, you can go to Zen Cart import categories itself. It includes a couple of steps following which your data will be uploaded correctly.

First of all, click on Categories import button to start import of Zen Cart categories.

Zen Cart import categories
Zen Cart import categories

Next you have to indicate from which exactly file you would like to upload the file. If you choose the file of incorrect format or lets say the file for Zen Cart Excel import, then most likely the file will not be parsed properly and the data will not be imported correctly.

Using Store Manager for Zen Cart you can import Zen Cart categories from local file as well as from the HTTP or FTP link to the file in case it is stored somewhere remotely.

Zen Cart import categories
Zen Cart import categories

Next you will see the preview of your Zen Cart categories file. If you carefully check the the data in this window, you'll notice that some words are enclosed in quotes (") and some are separated by semicolon (;) or other symbol. Those values serve to separate columns and data of your file. Exactly those symbols you have to put in further settings.

Zen Cart import categories
Zen Cart import categories

At the next step you will have to indicate values that are used to separate the data in your file. If you do not know the separators used, return to preview window and check it.

Zen Cart import categories
Zen Cart import categories

Further you will see the window where you have to assign columns of your .csv file to corresponding columns of your database. Please, note, that if you indicated incorrect delimiters you will have on the right the data in one column or messed up, like in the example on the left. If you set correct delimiters, you will see the columns as you have in your .csv file, like on the example on the right.

Zen Cart import categories
Zen Cart import categories
Zen Cart import categories
Zen Cart import categories

If you examine the above screen-shot which is placed on the right, you will see that some of columns are marked in red. It means that they yet have not been assigned. If column names of your .csv file are the same as database column names you can use “Auto set” option to link them.

Then you in particular have to click next a couple of times and end up the process of Zen Cart import categories. At the end of the procedure you will see finish button with the results available for preview.

With Store Manager for Zen Cart you can build-up category tree of any structure without any difficulties or tension! Try it out and you will see it with your own eyes.

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