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Store Manager for Zen Cart Release Notes

Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Thursday, February 28th, 2019
Dear users,
we would like to inform you that from now on, active development of Store Manager for Zen Cart has been stopped and this product is sunsetted due to the lack of demand.

Soon, users will have the possibility to download and use a version without registration completely FREE.

From now on, Store Manager for Zen Cart is provided AS IS and support will be no longer provided.
If questions regarding the functionality occur – you have the documentation – https://zen-cart-store-manager-doc.emagicone.com/ at your disposal.

The main enhancements of the latest and the last release of Store Manager for Zen Cart can be read below:

– From now on, there is a possibility to add a few products to order with “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys in the product search window.
– Now, when adding new customer, “Country” field in “Company/Address” tab is required.

– Product search with the specified number of rows to display has been optimized.
– An issue, related to image upload from FTP for “Record Artist” has been eliminated in this release of the application.
– Store Manager?s work with date fields has been corrected and now, dates are being properly recorded.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Wednesday, November 28th, 2018
– Previously, an issue occurred with connecting to databases, that have prefix. This inconvenience has been corrected in current release of Store Manager.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
– New version of QuickBooks Integration addon has been added in this release of Store Manager. Now, when importing subitems from QuickBooks, they are uploaded as a complete product. When the product is exported to QuickBooks, where it already exists as a subitem, then it is modified into a subitem.
– Renewed IceCat Integration has been implemented in current version of the application and contains the following improvements and fixes:
1. The possibility to scroll category list with the help of the mouse wheel in product details grid has been implemented.
2. Now, if options, related to images update are not enabled, pictures will not be loaded in cache.
3. Previously, and issue occurred during mapping products by name, that contained some special symbols. This inconvenience has been fixed.
When launching the addon from context menu, languages are mapped automatically.
– New version of eBay Integration with fixed issue related to filling fields at the Item Specifics step has been released.

– Previously, an issue with the display of discount and sale price in product grid occurred.
– [FIELD(INDEX)VALUE] work in Mass Product Changer has been corrected.
– Image names generation on FTP is no longer used over lowercase letters.
– Previously, an error occurred when importing values for “Artist” and “Record Company” fields. Now, it is fixed.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Monday, October 2nd, 2017
– “Sales by Category” report and “Sales by Category Details” report of Store Manager for Zen Cart have been enhanced.
– New version of eBay Integration Addon ( is now available in Store Manager.

– The Trial Licence Status Form icon has now obtained a corresponding size.
– Hot keys for Raw Table Editor (CTRL + F10) and Custom SQL (CTRL + F9) have been added.
– Product import wizard size can be adjusted now.
– Product quantity is now being updated correctly in the process of import from Store Manager to QuickBooks and if needed obtains negative value.
– Uploading images from URL?s during product import has been fixed.
– Grid export of different entities has been fixed.
– The error that occurred when reuploading/changing an image in Recording Company grid has been fixed.
– Image Drag&Drop issue for Manufacturers and Media has been fixed.
– Copy/Paste of products with special prices has been fixed.
– Previously SaleMaker was created incorrectly in Store Manager. The inconvenience has been fixed in this version of Store manager for Zen Cart.
– The “Reverse Selected” button on Discount Coupons toolbar worked incorrectly. The issue has been resolved and button operates properly now.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Monday, July 25th, 2016
– Export of selected categories option has been added to category export wizard of Store Manager for Zen Cart.

– Multiple categories can be selected pressing shortcut hotkeys Ctrl+A in Store Manager.

– Field mapping logics in the import wizard has been improved;
– It is possible to cancel Zen Cart store diagnostics operation now;
– Path to the latest exported file is saved in the export wizard;
– Previously error occurred when one removed all categories in Store Manager using “Quick Delete” option. It has been fixed and categories are deleted properly;
– Store Diagnostics (Find Unused Images) performing is displayed on progress bar and can be stopped pressing “Cancel” button respectively;
– Product images are now removed without further error occurring in Store Manager product edit form;
– Now filter is applied right after creation in Store Manager for Zen Cart.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Sunday, November 8th, 2015
– There has been added the option that allows store owners to hide order changes (status update, history) so that customer will not see these details;
– Paginator has been added to Categories & Products grid;
– Full screen mode has been added in this release;
– Column sorting on “Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields” has been implemented to Store Manager;
– “Show products without category” filter has been added in this release;
– Store Manager will not reconnect to database if some minor changes are made to settings;
– For user conveniences there has been added popup menu to Product Types, Media, Product Manufacturer sections;
– Now Zen Cart users can add images to product attributes;
– Program Log Console can be opened and closed with the same button now;
– During database restore with “Restore files” option, Store Manager now will show progress bar with “Cancel” button for process cancellation;
– Now you can use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P hotkeys to display password in Preferences->Database Connection->Password field;
– Some enhancements and visual changes have been implemented to the grid in customer search form;
– FTP file search algorithm during diagnostics has been improved;
– Assign categories form has been optimized;

– Previously configuration settings were not saved to .ini file if Zen Cart user selected existing file (Preferences->Database Connection->Export all settings from current configuration). The problem has been fixed and .ini file is overwritten with new settings;
– For bridge connection users: product page was not displayed if one pressed “View product page” in Store Manager. The issue has been fixed and now store owners can instantly access product at the storefront;
– Previously no customer name was added to e-mail. It has been fixed and now the macro, responsible for customer name inserting functions properly;
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Thursday, November 20th, 2014
– Image Thumbnails in the Grid. Product image thumbnails will be displayed in the grid.

– Now Store Manager for osCommerce can access 4GB of RAM.

– There occurred issues with e-mails notifying about order status. The problem has been resolved and one can send e-mails properly.
– Product attributes and images were duplicated in the process of import. The issue has been resolved in this release and data are being uploaded flawlessly without duplication.
– In case Zen Cart users changed size of the text and other items in Windows settings, some information (products, categories, language selections) was represented incorrectly in Store Manager. Now Store Manager adapts to Windows settings and displays text properly.
– Previously categories, indicated in the import file, became inactive after product import. The problem has been resolved and category status is not being changed after product import.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
Previously graphics were not displayed in Zen Cart reports. This issue has been resolved and now graphics are represented in reports.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Products with Attribute Stock management has been improved.
– Products, attributes are added to, are being displayed in corresponding section of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
– Product variant management has been enhanced, now you can manually add Zen Cart variant for selected product (in the lower grid);
– Product variants editing is being accomplished in the lower grid;
– Zen Cart variants import/export wizard has been added in this release of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
– Product search option has been added to Products with Attributes Stock section of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
– Quantity synchronization option has been added (calculates quantity of all variations, selected product possesses, which afterwards are assigned to this product)

– “Delete product image” button has been added to Images tab;
– Email Settings tab has been added to Preferences. SMTP settings should be configured in this tab now;
– Image Diagnostics has been optimized and now it runs faster;
– Basic operations has been added to some grids. The possibility to export data from grid to EXCEL, HTML, XML, CSV files has been added in this Store Manager release;
– The possibility to choose manufacturer for product in the grid has been added to Store Manager;
– The possibility to import products from XLS, XLSX, ODS files has been added in this version of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
– Mass Product Changer does not require registration since now it is free tool.

Product quantity was not calculated properly when this product was added to order. This issue has been corrected and product quantity is being recalculated now;
– Tables of Users and Permissions module were not backed up. This problem has been corrected in this release of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
– Product type was not displayed in product grid. It has been corrected and product type is shown in corresponding column of product grid;
– When Geo Zone was removed, Tax Zone assigned to was not delisted. This issue has been resolved and Tax Zones are being removed along with Geo Zones;
– When order status was changed from the grid, record was not added to order status history. Now it operates properly and changes are recorded to history.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
– The Store Diagnostics feature has been implemented in this Release. Now you can filter product images that were not used by store and remove them.

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