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Zen Cart ICEcat Integration Addon

ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration

ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration addon is designed to synchronize your product descriptions and images with ICEcat product catalogue. Buy Now!Try for Free

ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration Addon for Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to download product descriptions and images from ICEcat product catalog.

You may register for free Open ICEcat product catalog or paid FULL ICEcat catalog with the extended product database.Same login details will be used when working with Zen Cart ICEcat Integration Addon. User can synchronize product names at his store with ICEcat ones. This tool allows retailers to download short and long multilingual product descriptions. Getting product descriptions from ICEcat catalogue retailer can be sure of their quality as the descriptions are already approved by manZen CartICEcat Integration Addon also gives the ability to download product images from ICEcat catalogue. Retailer may download thumbnail, low quality and high quality product images. Entire database may be updated, though it is more convenient to get only daily updates of the downloaded descriptions and images should there be any changes.

This plugin from Zen Cartis especially useful for those, who are just setting up an online store. Product descriptions and images from ICEcat catalogue allows to fill in gaps and get all the necessary information than and there. All in one place. ICEcat Integration Addon enables to reduce the amount of mistakes and get the needed information quite fast.

This application also allows retailer to upload the products from his store to ICEcat product catalogue. Placing products in such large product database makes it easier for potential customers to find the products of their interest. In future versions of Zen Cart ICEcat Integration Plugin users will be able to download EAN (European Article Number) product codes.

This plugin allows to synchronize the data and have it updated in few simple steps. It also allows online merchants to upload the products to ICEcat.

By downloading product descriptions from ICEcat database the user gets the exact and accurate product descriptions on more than 20 different languages.

Also the user can upload images of different size for the chosen products, starting with thumbnail to low and high resolution ones. MagneticOne has integrated ICEcat with Store Manager for Zen Cartto make it handy for the user to work with this large product catalogue straight from online store.

If you have any suggestions on Zen Cart ICEcat Integration Addon, you're welcome to contact our support team.