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Store Manager for Zen Cart Release Notes

Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Thursday, May 15th, 2014
Previously graphics were not displayed in Zen Cart reports. This issue has been resolved and now graphics are represented in reports.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Monday, May 5th, 2014

Products with Attribute Stock management has been improved.
- Products, attributes are added to, are being displayed in corresponding section of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
- Product variant management has been enhanced, now you can manually add Zen Cart variant for selected product (in the lower grid);
- Product variants editing is being accomplished in the lower grid;
- Zen Cart variants import/export wizard has been added in this release of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
- Product search option has been added to Products with Attributes Stock section of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
- Quantity synchronization option has been added (calculates quantity of all variations, selected product possesses, which afterwards are assigned to this product)

- “Delete product image” button has been added to Images tab;
- Email Settings tab has been added to Preferences. SMTP settings should be configured in this tab now;
- Image Diagnostics has been optimized and now it runs faster;
- Basic operations has been added to some grids. The possibility to export data from grid to EXCEL, HTML, XML, CSV files has been added in this Store Manager release;
- The possibility to choose manufacturer for product in the grid has been added to Store Manager;
- The possibility to import products from XLS, XLSX, ODS files has been added in this version of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
- Mass Product Changer does not require registration since now it is free tool.

Product quantity was not calculated properly when this product was added to order. This issue has been corrected and product quantity is being recalculated now;
- Tables of Users and Permissions module were not backed up. This problem has been corrected in this release of Store Manager for Zen Cart;
- Product type was not displayed in product grid. It has been corrected and product type is shown in corresponding column of product grid;
- When Geo Zone was removed, Tax Zone assigned to was not delisted. This issue has been resolved and Tax Zones are being removed along with Geo Zones;
- When order status was changed from the grid, record was not added to order status history. Now it operates properly and changes are recorded to history.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
- The Store Diagnostics feature has been implemented in this Release. Now you can filter product images that were not used by store and remove them.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Sunday, June 16th, 2013
- Plugins: Now all addons will be loaded into memory with Store Manager only on first application run. On next launches Store Manager will not load addon .dll files into memory until user clicks on certain addon. This decreases resources used by Store Manager and does not affect user interface – all installed addons will be available in Store Manager;

- After the import process, image files formats differed, for example, not JPG but Jpg. For that very reason Thumbnails and large images were not displayed in Store Manager. This issue has been resolved in this release of Store Manager.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Sunday, December 16th, 2012
- The possibility to import large images and thumbnail has been added to Store Manager for Zen Cart functionality;
- The ability to upload images to FTP for manufacturers and Zen Cart categories has been added;
- New Visual WYSIWYG Editor has been implemented in program. It runs with Win8;

- New “Copy Products Attributes” check box has been added to product copy window. Products will be copied without attributes if you do not tick this box;
- When you identify subcategory for images in Preferences window, then this value will be automatically indicated in the process of import. In case you load saved import configuration, image category will be taken from there. It works for main images only, categories and manufacturers images are uploaded according to Preferences settings;
- The ability to change Discount_Type i Discount_Type_from for products discount has been added to Mass Product Changer tool;

- Previously, fields for orders export were not displayed. The issue with orders export has been fixed and it functions properly;
- Now you can open and save files for import in a proper way;
- Previously, if you indicated in Preferences the subcategory, images had to be uploaded to, product images were being uploaded to root category, path being ignored. This problem has been solved;
- When selecting images, you are allowed to enter image paths including up to 255 symbols, before it was possible to use 64 symbols only. Large image paths won?t be cut in the process of image upload.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
- The ability of Manufacturer’s choose has been added to drop-down menu of Mass Product Changer.

- When accomplishing multiple categories removing, the entire list stretched Delete Category Window. Now only those categories total title length of which does not surpass 128 characters will be displayed.
- Before when you exported orders to csv file, necessary for exporting fields were not represented in file. This issue has been fixed.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
New Features:
- Possibility to import XML files into the program has been added. It allows you to import XML files from initial step of import process and assign necessary fields;
- New enhanced progress bar has been added to program. Now you can control components and addons downloading into program;
- Automatic refresh of product images have been added. You don’t need to refresh images after image upload process. It will be done automatically;
- If FTP connection is configured not properly, in case you try to download an image from the local folder or from FTP, appears pop-up window with notification and suggestion to set up FTP connection;
- Import procedure of products with categories identification by names has been optimized;
- Now the program will not reconnect to the current database, with slight changes in the settings occurrence;
- Calculator window has been added in the product edit window of Price Manager tab for filling Value and Quantity fields;
- When editing product, the program automatically determines the image path (ImgDir) for the product image;
- If in the store there are two languages?? – English (default) and German activated, then when re-connecting to database, language will change to the default language of the store;
- There has been added the option to change product price if ?Product Price includes Tax value? checkbox is ticked

- Before when cloning product in order or editing attributes error occurred. Now cloning algorithm has been completely changed;
- No field names appeared on the Quick Access Toolbar when switching to another Store Manager language. Now this issue has been fixed;
- The option of product removing when importing from Quickbooks on condition that “Update Price” checkbox is not ticked has been corrected;
- In the last versions of Store Manager in the process of image upload from local PC or FTP in the visual HTML editor, image path was indicated incorrectly. This problem has been fixed in new version;
- When connection configuration loading, over an existing connection configuration, the program warned and offered to replace the existing one, but in fact config was not replaced. Now this problem has been fixed;
- Field value “Always Free Shipping” in the Products DataGrid was not displayed. Now this column has been added in Data Grid;
- Access Violation which appeared when opening Multi Store Search form has been corrected.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Thursday, June 14th, 2012
- “Filter row” and “Group by column” features were added into “Products with attributes stock” section. Now you can filter and group products in grid.

- Previously when updating product in “Products with attributes stock” section, existing stock_id field was incremented. Now this issue is fixed.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Friday, June 1st, 2012
- Images resize is fixed
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Monday, April 23rd, 2012
New Features:

New automatic connection wizard:
- New automatic connection wizard has been released. Now you can use Simple or Advanced mode for configuration of settings. All you need for simple mode is just to fill

in FTP settings. All the rest will be done by our Connection Wizard. If you are familiar with communication protocols you can use Advanced mode.
- The possibility to download the software via mini-installer program has been added to Store Manager for ZenCart. Its small size of 2 MB allows you to quickly download

and register the trial version of Store Manager for testing before purchasing it.
- The ability not to make database snapshot during autoimport has been implemented. Snapshot allows to browse changes made by import, though slows the process.
HTTP tunnel:
- New type of database connection has been added – HTTP tunnel. This is an alternative way of connecting to your database and it possesses the features both of ZenCart

direct and bridge connection.
this type of connection is useful if you don’t have direct access to MySQL database;
you don’t need to do POST \ GET operations each time to refresh data on store and in Store Manager for ZenCart.
.php file is used by HTTP -tunnel, that’s why the speed of work depends on your channel speed capacity. If you have unstable connection, it is better for you to use

bridge connection as it works with database cash.
- New system of User Access was developed. Now you can grant specific permissions to Store Manager users allowing them to perform certain operations whereas other areas

may be disabled. This feature is suitable for store owners who want to restrict access to store data depending on specific user role e.g. Product Manager, Order Manager

- The ability to run the backup of storage data on schedule has been added. Additionally there has been also added the ability to run SQL script on a schedule. This

feature makes the work with databases much more convenient.


- The issue with shortening of long text strings while using expressions in Mass Product Changer addon has been fixed. Now expressions work properly.
- Previously the special price in Mass Product Changer has been rounded incorrectly. Now Special Price can be rounded according to the value specified by the user.
- Formerly, the incorrect address path for images in the visual WYSIWYG editor was shown if the image was added from the file. Now address of the image is displayed

- After product cloning, the focus on the previously chosen product has not been preserved. Now, after cloning, the focus remains on the product which was chosen before

the procedure.
- After pressing “Apply” button in the Featured section, the data could not be added automatically. This issue has been fixed and now the it works correctly.
- Previously there was an issue with shipping amount, since it has not been displayed at Orders window. Now, this amount is displayed there.
- In the process of switching between connections, the database name has been removed. Now the issue has been fixed and database name remains unchanged.
- Expression – if fractional number of the field is multiplied by a numeric value, the characters after the comma will be also included.
The issue with binding / destruction of media files for the product type “Product – Music” in the window has been fixed.