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Store Manager for Zen Cart Release Notes

Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Monday, April 23rd, 2012
New Features:

New automatic connection wizard:
- New automatic connection wizard has been released. Now you can use Simple or Advanced mode for configuration of settings. All you need for simple mode is just to fill

in FTP settings. All the rest will be done by our Connection Wizard. If you are familiar with communication protocols you can use Advanced mode.
- The possibility to download the software via mini-installer program has been added to Store Manager for ZenCart. Its small size of 2 MB allows you to quickly download

and register the trial version of Store Manager for testing before purchasing it.
- The ability not to make database snapshot during autoimport has been implemented. Snapshot allows to browse changes made by import, though slows the process.
HTTP tunnel:
- New type of database connection has been added – HTTP tunnel. This is an alternative way of connecting to your database and it possesses the features both of ZenCart

direct and bridge connection.
this type of connection is useful if you don’t have direct access to MySQL database;
you don’t need to do POST \ GET operations each time to refresh data on store and in Store Manager for ZenCart.
.php file is used by HTTP -tunnel, that’s why the speed of work depends on your channel speed capacity. If you have unstable connection, it is better for you to use

bridge connection as it works with database cash.
- New system of User Access was developed. Now you can grant specific permissions to Store Manager users allowing them to perform certain operations whereas other areas

may be disabled. This feature is suitable for store owners who want to restrict access to store data depending on specific user role e.g. Product Manager, Order Manager

- The ability to run the backup of storage data on schedule has been added. Additionally there has been also added the ability to run SQL script on a schedule. This

feature makes the work with databases much more convenient.


- The issue with shortening of long text strings while using expressions in Mass Product Changer addon has been fixed. Now expressions work properly.
- Previously the special price in Mass Product Changer has been rounded incorrectly. Now Special Price can be rounded according to the value specified by the user.
- Formerly, the incorrect address path for images in the visual WYSIWYG editor was shown if the image was added from the file. Now address of the image is displayed

- After product cloning, the focus on the previously chosen product has not been preserved. Now, after cloning, the focus remains on the product which was chosen before

the procedure.
- After pressing “Apply” button in the Featured section, the data could not be added automatically. This issue has been fixed and now the it works correctly.
- Previously there was an issue with shipping amount, since it has not been displayed at Orders window. Now, this amount is displayed there.
- In the process of switching between connections, the database name has been removed. Now the issue has been fixed and database name remains unchanged.
- Expression – if fractional number of the field is multiplied by a numeric value, the characters after the comma will be also included.
The issue with binding / destruction of media files for the product type “Product – Music” in the window has been fixed.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
New Features:
- In order to speed up the process of editing products in Store Manager we implemented
the Tab, which is conveniently placed at the bottom of the window for fast access. You can

switch between the tabs and quickly change info without opening Product page window.
- Now you can identify products by the name of the final category, not the full path during

the proccess of import
- The ability to import products with empty date fields has been added

- Now in the process of switching between databases, the Information splash window comes up.
- The ability to add attributes with empty values (Price, Prefix) during import has been


- The import configuration settings were not recorded for “Additional Attributes”. Now the

configuration saves properly;
- Automated Product Import Addon was not shown in Ribbon Menu if no any addons were chosen

during the installation of Store Manager. Now Auto Import Addon is visible.
- Previously, when you changed the price of the product, meta tag remained unchanged. Now

this feature works as it should.
- The issue with the field “Send e-mail from” in SMTP section was fixed. Now e-mails with the

following format of the field: user name are sent correctly.
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Friday, October 21st, 2011
New Features:
- Zen Cart ver.1.3.9 compatibility
- Added Connection Troubleshooter, a tool designed to assist the user in the process of store connection setup, providing with the necessary help options
- Appended an option to reset the license key and register Store Manager with the new key without having to reinstall the program
- Added an option to impress watermarks on product images. To make use of the feature go to Preferences window, section Image Watermark
- Doba Dropshipper Integration Addon added in Beta mode

- Updated plugins: AdWords Management, Mass AdWords Product Ads, Auto Import, Doba Integration, eBay Export, ICEcat, Peachtree, Quickbooks, USPS Shipping
- Improved the logic and the algorithm of the Smart Price rounding in the Mass Product Changer
- Improved visual HTML Editor allowing to include initial and final tags in the place, where the HTML code is removed. Section “HTML Settings” has been added in Preference window.
- Prefix autodetect occurs immediately when connecting to the database
“Categories image” field has been added in products import

- Images with spaces in the title are now imported correctly
- During ICECat data update, the “Update Manufacturer” fields works fine. The updates are properly done.
- In the “Featured products” section the products are added properly via the ?Add Featured? option
- Feature for correcting image display in the Email templates within Mozilla Thunderbird is available now
- Cache Import Data option now works fine in the Auto-import mode
- Now, Users and Permissions section allows to properly set up various levels of permitted access to Store Manager for the users
- Customers can now easily edit “Company/Address” field
- At the first database connection the program is not wrapping up any more

All improvements and fixes are based on data provided by desktop software monitoring system
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
New Features:
- Export only currently selected products
- Collaborate translations using crowdin.net
- Favorites – add most used items to the separate group
- Import Orders – Just Add option allowing to add new orders without check if order already exist

- Automated Product Import – general usability improved
- Advanced Attribute Editor – improved performance when working with large number of options and option values

- List Index out of Bounds error fixed in RAW Table Editor
- Invoice report – billing address displayed instead of customer address
- Some rare product import errors fixed
- Fixed visual glitches related to non-standard DPI settings

All improvements and fixes are based on data provided by desktop software monitoring system
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Friday, February 18th, 2011
- ReplaceHTMLCodes function has been added to the Fast Report (allows to replace html codes in the report text)
- Raw Table Editor (enhancements in graphics, tabs operations)
- Users and Permissions: Autologin function has been added

- HTML Editor did not work with Internet Explorer below version 8
- During the export process all the orders were exported instead of selected ones
- Product import visual issue: Database Field Row was not marked in red after .csv column was deleted
- Changes in custom fields settings were not saved in grid

All improvements and fixes are based on data provided by runtime intelligence service
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
New Features:
- SFTP support
- Shipping Management plugin available for beta-testing (you can print USPS shipping labels for orders with Stamps.com)
- ICEcat Integration plugin is available for sale (Additional license key for ICEcat Integration plugin required)
- Automated Product Import plugin is available for sale (additional license key for Automated Product required)
- In order to improve Store Manager usability and performance we’ve added anonymous usage statistics gathering functionality
- Facebook and Twitter quick links added

- UTF-8 import through bridge connection issue

All improvements and fixes are based on data provided by software metering system
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Thursday, September 30th, 2010
New Features:
- Automated Product Import Addon completed and added to Store Manager

- issue – WYSWYG HTML Editor closes unexpectedly
- decimal places issue
- “Out of memory” issue rising when exporting large amounts of products
- custom product filters issue

All improvements and fixes are based on data provided by application usage tracking system
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Monday, August 16th, 2010
Bugfix update.

1. Fixed – product attributes import issues
2. Fixed – when file assigned to a downloadable product file name stored incorrectly
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
1. Fixed – product import issues, attributes, product types, tax classes
2. Fixed – newly added attribute is not assigned to a product if added by clicking Add New button
3. Fixed – when import complete source .csv file remains locked
4. Fixed – it does not show some fields in product listing grid

All improvements and fixes are based on data provided by application usage tracking system
Store Manager for Zen Cart Version: – Thursday, August 5th, 2010
Fixed errors in AdWords addon – error message appearing when it is starting